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Why hello there. My name is Morgan, and  I’m your girl behind Simply Morgan. I love adventures of all sizes. I believe an adventure can simply be making a left turn, where you would normally take a right. You can probably find me dancing in my living room with my Aussie mutt named Manning OR exploring alongside of my wonderful partner-in-life-and -in-crime, Michael. We are expecting a little girl July 1 ! We could not be more ecstatic! I am a singer-songwriter from Virginia who currently resides in Nashville TN. I am also a fancy schmancy barista for an outrageously cool company called Notable Blends. Red is my choice of color, and if I wouldn’t die of obesity, my diet would consist of only ice-cream. Enough about me now…

Simply Morgan

Simply Morgan is a space where we can be real and learn about life together. It’s a combination of my favorite things. Words have always been a love of mine, and if a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the stories we can share here.  We can get through this beautiful, yet sometimes tragic thing called life hand in hand.Take access and enjoy the journey. Feel free to ask any questions, or simply say ‘hello’. I simply cannot wait to meet you !

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